What is Balance? A Definition.

The definition I prefer: Balance, (v) To equal or equalize in weight, number, or proportion. To become balanced.

Balance is a verb. When you stand on one foot — are you completely still? If you pay attention, your are constantly moving, shifting — little tiny micro adjustments to keep your Balance. Balance is an ACTIVE state.

Are you living in balance now? Are you actively making adjustments to maintain your balance? Or is your life stagnant? Out of balance?

Routine is not the same thing as balanced.

Are you spending your day doing the things you want to be doing? Do you have a balance among your priorities? Do you know what your priorities are? Is your health in balance? Do you have time for friends, to be active in your community? Are you as engaged with your family as you’d like to be? How about devoting time to your hobbies and passions?

If the answer is not an emphatic, “Yes!” then you are in the right place.

Stay tuned for additional posts about balance. How we can think about it and how it can improve our lives as a result.

Dad, husband, thinker, writer, exerciser. “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” — Dumbledore

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