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  • Leo Sharp

    Leo Sharp

    Ex-engineer. I write about sustainable productivity and emotional fulfillment in a distracted world. Vagabonder. My bi-monthly newsletter: leosharp.ck.page

  • Joanne Creary

    Joanne Creary

    I write on personal growth and development, faith, career transitions, human behavior, and anything else that catches my interest.

  • Chris Pacheco

    Chris Pacheco

    Editor and writer at Lion's Roar. Mixing psychology and Buddhist teachings to cultivate life advice that promotes lasting change.

  • Neel Kashkari

    Neel Kashkari

    President @MinneapolisFed. Views are my own.

  • Allison Schultz

    Allison Schultz

    Co-founder and coach @RebootHQ. Lifting up the wisdom of the equines for leaders of today so we can return to our truest self.

  • Sara Hardy

    Sara Hardy

    Avid reader / aspiring writer. Introvert, empath, dreamer, seeker, expert procrastinator, recovering pessimist. Scorpio Sun, Moon & Venus.

  • Lodro Rinzler

    Lodro Rinzler

    Lodro Rinzler is author of “The Buddha Walks into a Bar,” “Love Hurts” and a handful of other fun books on meditation | Co-Founder of MNDFL. lodrorinzler.com

  • Daniel Scharpenburg

    Daniel Scharpenburg

    Meditation Teacher in Kansas City. Buddhist. Labor Activist.

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